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ICMIZER Review & Guide

on 30/12/15 /posted by  admin

ICMIZER is a piece of poker software that allows the user to greatly improve his or her understanding of preflop all-in situations. ICMIZER can be used to analyze spots in various different poker formats like MTT, SNG, Spin and Go or even cash games. While it's most useful to the tournament players out there it's also a great tool for figuring out the optimal approach to 4bet/5bet cash game situations and playing or defending against a short stack strategy. In this article, we'll walk you through our ICMIZER review, show you the features and give our opinion on the software.

Getting Started With Our ICMIZER Review

There are two different versions of ICMIZER - web and desktop. Running the software directly from the developers website is very convenient but you might encounter some compatibility issues. It's possible that you might be forced to use a different browser or install some additional plugins (like Microsoft Silverlight), but even the less tech savvy users shouldn't have any problems getting ICMIZER to work, since the software is good at informing the user about the possible source of issues.
The desktop application is very easy to install and it has exactly the same features as the web version so the choice between the two comes down to personal preference.



The first thing that you see after opening ICMIZER is the scenario analyzer window. You can define many different parameters here including...
  • Type of the tournament that you're playing in
  • Number of players at the table
  • Blind level (you can either choose of one the predefined options or create your own)
  • Player actions
  • Stack sizes
  • Starting hands
  • Ranges
  • Analyze the EV of hands in certain situations.
For example, you can simulate the situation at the final table of a large tournament where SB is pushing into you with a certain frequency and know exactly what your calling range should look like in that particular spot. ICMIZER will show you the exact EV of every hand and highlight in green all the ones that are showing positive expectation. You can also see the results in the form of various graphs which can tell you how your range should look like depending on villain's frequencies or show you your particular hand's EV vs. different ranges of your opponent. Lastly, you can quickly share the results of the hand you're analyzing with your friends.

Since prize pool is very important when it comes to ICM analysis you can choose from many different predefined tournament structures (ranging from 180man 9max PokerStars SNGs to Bovada's Double Up 6max turbo). You can also create your own templates if you can't find the tournament you're interested in among the predefined variants. If you click the MTT tick box in scenario analyzer you can add more parameters (number of remaining players, stack sizes, chips in play etc.) to the spot you want to analyze and get an even more accurate answer.
Inputting values manually can get really tedious when it comes to complex tournament spots. Fortunately, ICMIZER gives you the option of pasting specific hands and even loading the entire tournament hand histories from the file so you can focus on the educational aspects of this tool without all of the hustle associated with creating different scenarios by hand.

ICMIZER Review and Guide

After you import hand history into the software you can of course still freely modify any parameters you might wish to change. You can also use the replayer feature built into the ICMIZER to streamline your workflow even more. While the replayer isn't exactly revolutionary and doesn't offer mind blowing functionality when compared to replayers available in Poker Tracker or Holdem Manager, the fact that creators of the software decided to include this feature means that many MTT players won't be forced to jump between different programs when analyzing their game. 

ICMIZER Review and Guide

The last important feature of ICMIZER is the SNG Coach. This functionally is pretty self-explanatory. It presents you with various push or fold scenarios based on the tournament type you've chosen and your current skill level (determined by the first quiz that you take and the progress you've made from that point) in order to help you improve your game. The software then rates your performance based on the entire SNG Coach user population which shows you exactly how your ICM knowledge compares to other tournament players. You can choose to be quizzed based on different scenarios like low/medium/big stack situations, the number of players at the table etc.
SNG Coach can show you which part of your game requires improvement and help you with becoming a better player.

ICMIZER Pricing Review

ICIZER Pricing Guide

ICMIZER comes in four different flavors. You can use the basic scenario analyzer functionality for free, but you're limited to only three calculations per day. BASIC version costs between 6.67$ and 14.99$ per month depending on the type of subscription plan you choose (monthly, quarterly, semiyearly and yearly) and offer you unlimited scenario analyzer functionality with no access to replayer or SNG Coach. PRO version costs between 13.33$ and 29.99$, adds unlimited replayer support and limited SNG Coach (up to 120 questions daily which equate to roughly 2 hours of training). Lastly, the ELITE version costs 399.99$ (yearly subscription being the only option available) and gives you unlimited access to all of the ICMIZER features and 1 hour or skype coaching session with the software's creator.


The interface of ICMIZER is very intuitive and most users won't have any problems familiarizing themselves with it. While inputting variables by hand can get very tedious very fast (there's no way around it when it comes to ICM calculations) the software is doing everything it can to make this process as pain-free as possible to the user.

The scenario analyzer and SNG Coach are very powerful and while the Replayer might seem tacked on, it can actually help a lot with streamlining your workflow and make ICMIZER your one-stop shop when it comes to tournament analysis. ICMIZER is great at what it does. It's a powerful tool that can help you a lot when you know exactly what you need (scenario analyzer) and kickstart your education if you're not well versed in ICM calculations (SNG Coach). The subscription-based pricing model might be the only con for some players, but it slowly becomes an industry standard. Our ICMIZER review gives a solid 9 out of 10 and the WeakTight.com seal of approval.

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