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Ultimate Casino Games

Let’s look at some of the most popular games you’ll find online in which discovering the secrets help you in your quest to take down the elusive jackpot.

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Live Dealer Games Are the Real Deal

Interactive casino games are standard on almost every major site and gain new players at amazing speed because they have all the elements of the classic casino experience.

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The Meteoric Rise of The Gaming Industry & Online Poker Sites in Europe

Nowadays, if somebody want to play a game of poker, they can do this from the comfort of their own couches or computer chair.

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Best Mobile Casino and Poker sites in the UK

If you want to find the best UK casinos to have a top poker experience or have a spin at your favorite slot, take a look at these top choices.

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Online Gambling Legislation in the UK

If you want to know how the UK's Gambling Comision regulates online gambling, check out of this breakdown of the Gambling Acts of 2005 and 2014.

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Fedor Holz Breaks the $10 Million Mark IN A SINGLE YEAR

​Fedor Holz has won over $10 million in a single year in 2016. Yes, you read this right, $10 million in a single year and if we are being picky, it's actually been just a little over 6 months.

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Luckiest Poker Hands in the World Series of Poker

Sometimes it takes a lot of skill, but sometimes you just get lucky. Here are some classic favorites.

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Game Theory: Is an edge worth the concept?

For those of us who haven’t perfected the concept, it’s a long route to mastery with even professional players struggling to make any game theory strategies worthwhile. But, by its very definition, it’s obvious there is a part of it to play in the modern game, the question is: how much?

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Most Common Preflop Mistakes to Avoid

Check out this article where we go over the most common preflop mistakes made in poker. Learn to avoid these mistakes and improve your game.

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Best Poker Traps

Setting traps in poker is one of the first things we all learn to do once we have mastered the basics. Flop a set, or a straight, and just check-call when our opponent bets away. The feeling when they finally discover you were super-strong all along is priceless!

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How to Use a Poker Variance Calculator: Guide & Reviews

Using a poker variance calculator is a skill that every poker player should have. You can calculate the variance for different stakes, tournaments, and see if you can handle it.

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How to Adjust Your Poker Style

Learn how you can adjust your poker style to exploit all of the other people at the table and become the most profitable player you can be.

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ICMIZER Review & Guide

In this ICMIZER review and guide you'll learn everything you need to know about using this tournament software to its full capacity while improving your game the most.

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Best Free Poker Tools and Software - Reviews and Downloads

Find the best free poker tools online and find software that gives you an edge without spending a penny. Don't let your budget keep you from tracking stats.

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Best Online Poker Tools - Our Reviews

Read our reviews on all of the best online poker tools. Use software while playing to track your results, plug your leaks, and increase profits.

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PokerTracker 4 Review

In this PokerTracker 4 Review we cover everything you need to know to start using your HUD. Learn the ins and outs and get the full use of your HUD.

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Can Video Poker Make You a Better Poker Player?

We discuss what video poker is and whether playing it can increase your overall poker skills.

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Basic HUD Stats Explained

Getting started with HUD stats shouldn't be complicated. To help you out we've explained all of the basic HUD stats you'll need to know.

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Maximizing Poker Win Rate vs. Maximizing Hourly

At which stage of your game should you focus on maximizing poker win rate vs maximizing hourly? This article goes over the two situations in depth.

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Test Styles

Test Styles

Posted by Admin on 23/9/15Read more

Jivaro HUD Review | Essential Software for SNG Players

Our detailed Jivaro HUD review covers everything you need to know about this new software that's now available. You can try it absolutely free today!

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Is Online Poker Rigged?

Is online poker rigged? If you've ever asked this question you're not alone. Read our analysis of the facts and allegations made and learn the truth.

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Hold'em Manager 2 Review

Hold'em Manager 2 is the award winning poker software that gives you the information you need to become a top poker player. Check out our review of the features.

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Welcome to the WeakTight Blog

Introducing the WeakTight official blog, we look at our recent history and recap some of the best hands shared on WeakTight. We'll be bringing you weekly posts from experienced poker professionals and industry experts on the topics important to you.

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