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Live Dealer Games Are the Real Deal

on 3/12/16 /posted by  admin

Interactive casino games are standard on almost every major site and gain new players at amazing speed because they have all the elements of the classic casino experience – without any of the inconveniences.

People like to play games of chance in order to feel the adrenaline rush and only those games that provide it in huge quantities can hope to achieve commercial success. This is just as true in the online environment as it is in a brick and mortar casino and major online casino brands are intensively searching for that elusive magic formula to keep the customers flocking to their side. Live Casino games are one of the most powerful weapons for this purpose, since they feature an unprecedented level of interactivity that closely resembles the atmosphere of a busy card or roulette table. This feature is making them indispensable for online casino companies and it wouldn’t be a shock if this gaming mode became more prominent in the years to come.

Key ingredient of every live casino game is the presence of a live dealer through a video chat, putting the player in a familiar situation and providing guidance where necessary. Human touch is a welcome change in the world of automated online games that completely depend on computer-generated graphics, while real time interaction streamlines the process and creates a more competitive atmosphere. On the other hand, it doesn’t take more than a few minutes to install the software and get started – a far cry from the time needed to organize a visit to a land-based casino. It’s this marriage of convenience and excitement that’s driving up the popularity of live dealer games, catering to people who would like to add some extra spice to their day, even if they are short on free time. 

A number of popular card games are played with live dealers, so there is a broad range of options to choose from.  As you might expect, poker is extremely popular and attracts a lot of ambitious players - try Casino Holdem at William Hill Live Casino to get a taste of the action and see how close it comes to the real thing. Other card games such as blackjack and baccarat are offered at most sites, with a similar mechanism of game administration and a steady amount of dedicated players. Roulette is also a frequent choice, as it allows for quick bets and traditionally features a croupier responsible for placing the chips on the table. As you can see, the selection of games is pretty classical, as the idea is to create an authentic vibe of an old-school casino.

It takes a lot of skill and focus to win at poker and other card games, and a moment of distraction can be the difference between winning and losing. That’s why the immersive experience afforded by the live dealer setup is so well-received by the players – it’s much easier to get into the flow when you have a real person on the other side. The servers are typically very stable, so the game is rarely interrupted by a bad connection, which could disrupt the player at a key moment. To minimize the risk of such occurrence and ensure optimal conditions, it is recommended to play from a solid computer or mobile device and log on using high-speed internet. Inexperienced players are advised to practice for a while before they start playing for real money, since the games are fast and losses can pile up quickly if you are not well prepared strategically and mentally.

Of course, this form of online gambling can become a temptation for some individuals and major sites are implementing responsible gaming policies designed to eliminate compulsive behavior. Electronic security measures must also be in place to prevent identity fraud and fund mismanagement, while the games must be balanced in terms of winning odds, bonuses and other competitive aspects. By providing a safe and comfortable setting, casino companies are allowing the players to forget about the virtual link and act naturally, following their instincts to catch a lucky streak. Obviously, the trick is working and online casino players are more enthusiastic about live dealer games then about any other game category at the moment.

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