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on 2/9/15 /posted by  admin

We launched the new version of WeakTight in December 2014 with a clear but simple vision in mind - To take the success and foundation of a website people knew and loved, and evolve it into something more modern with an improved function of sharing to your favourite poker destinations online, be it TwoPlusTwo or otherwise.

After battling away to make our users happy with the product, WeakTight is now worthy of the modern-day poker player - fast, efficient and easy on the eye.

There’s been over 7.3 Million poker hands shared to WeakTight since its inception amongst our 110,000 members

Our mission with this blog is to deliver content and writing that we truly believe will benefit and entertain our users. That includes everything from reviewing the latest poker tools and technology on the market, to compiling our collections of the most entertaining and agonizing hands shared by our users here on WeakTight.

Let’s take a look back at 2 of the most memorable hands ever posted on WeakTight...

Jeans89 - $200/400 PLO Cash on Pokerstars

Huge pre-flop action from two of the best PLO players on the planet…Jens ‘Jeans89’ Kyllonen and Ben ‘Sauce1234’ Sulsky. Did both players truly believe they were getting it in with relatively strong EV pre-flop? Or was this a battle of egos? The success of both players speaks for itself, and so does the insanity of this hand.

chawpshap - $0.50/1 NLHE Zoom Cash on Pokerstars

An outrageous hero call, and a memorable hand...This hand is pure entertainment and representative of everything that’s awesome about WeakTight - Giving the normal poker player the opportunity to share his moments of glory on a platform. Enjoy.

That’s all for now! But please, keep tuned on our Official WeakTight blog - We’ve got some truly great posts planned, and we're looking forward to forming a closer connection with our esteemed members, whose loyalty and suggestions keep this project going.

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