What's on offer?

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  • Send Money
  • Buy and Sell Crypto
  • Skrill Card
  • Mobile App
  • VIP Club
  • The Fast Lane VIP Promotion

Skrill Description

Paysafe owned Skrill is available for 40 countries to access acros 120 currencies. Founded in 2001 your funds will be safe and secure.

WeakTight users will automatically be bumped up to VIP when creating a Skrill account with us. You will also have access to every promotion they offer which often includes deposit bonuses for your favorite gaming sites. 

Crypto currency trading is also available online or via their state of the art mobile app. 

Skrill can be used to fund or withdraw from or to transfer between poker sites almost instantly.

The Fast Lane VIP Promotion lasts until the end of July. It offers an opportunity for an easier way to achieve Silver/Gold VIP status, which will last until the end of 2023!
  • Existing and New referrals can participate by simply logging in or registering from the Promo landing page.
  • Participants will receive a special Fast Track role that has a 50% reduced P2P fee compared to the standard non-VIP level (1.49% instead of 2.99%).
  • They can reach Silver VIP by doing just 5K in deposits and Gold VIP by doing only 15K in deposits to merchants.
  • Once achieved, participants will keep their Silver/Gold VIP roles until the end of 2023!

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