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March 5th 2021

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December 21st 2020

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December 20th 2020

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December 5th 2020

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August 17th 2020

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April 7th 2020

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April 5th 2020

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April 4th 2020

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turn should still be a call against his 9x repping sizing, river is a very mandatory bluff when you think of your value combinations which are like 10: 4x JTs, 3x Ts and some XTs floats. This hand will easily be in your 5 bluff combinations with this sizing. I thought about a smaller sizing because he could check a T in his spot because a boardchanger is generally bad for the previous aggressor but in reality people are rarely going to realize/do that and we want to apply maximum pressure on his bluffcatchers so i like to just go allin

12:59 pm Commented On a hand uploaded by RockBlake

@ben i dont think its important if we still have chips if he calls as we analyze the hand from a chipEV point of view in general. however i agree to the rest of what you are saying

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also i would make a note he float bets 70 percent on a kind of dry and paired board and has a tripple barrel, a lot of fish/regs have extreme sizing tells with this

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i think this hand is played just fine, preflop you could limp or raise, if you limp its probably a call unless he goes 4x. flop will probably be a medium high freq cbet board because the nut distribution is similar he has more 9x whereas we have overpairs but there are a lot of openenders and gutshots which is bad for the oop player. flop therefore obv call, turn is kind of close but im still making the call, he could have a worse T maybe. river its a bluffcatcher and i would think people underbluff this spot. therefore i would make valuecalls only meaning KT+, if you are unsure if people are valueheavy you could just randomize on the river and call maybe of the time, 6x are not a lot of his bluffs so its okish

March 4th 2020

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March 3rd 2020

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February 19th 2020

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February 17th 2020

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January 14th 2020

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December 11th 2019

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October 14th 2019

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October 13th 2019

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October 11th 2019

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September 30th 2019

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August 30th 2019

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August 22nd 2019

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June 9th 2019

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June 8th 2019

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June 2nd 2019

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May 29th 2019

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